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360Experience is the real key to access the best sports and music events around the world. We arrange the most desirable locations, stadiums and venues around the world. We specialize in exceeding the expectations of our clients and that’s why we are committed to accompanying and advising them during every moment of their trip. From beginning to end. We want their experience to start before the actual event, and for them to remember it for a lifetime. We provide them with tickets for all types of categories: VIP, Hospitality packages, sold out events…
We don’t want them to have to miss out on any event, even in cases where it may seem impossible to them… We want our clients to be part of the event and experience it live in person. Always wanted to meet the greatest sports stars or favorite artists? How about driving through the circuits of Formula 1 anywhere in the world? All this is possible thanks to our team of experts who will provide a 24 hour a day service , so we can guarantee our clients a premium experience. Authentic, guaranteed and personalized service are the keys that define our commitment.
Avenida Angélica, 1814, conjunto 1205, CEP 01.228-200, São Paulo/SP
Sao paulo
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