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  1. Senior Systems Telecom Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  2. Managing and being responsible for installation of Communication System consisting of CTN Cable Transmission Network, Telephone, Intercom, PA, PIS, Radio, ACID Access Control and Intrusion Detection, ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  3. Senior Viaduct Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  4. Senior Viaduct Engineer will be responsible for the review of the design documentation produced by the Civil Works Contractor relating to the viaduct works. Required Education : Bachelors ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  5. System Engineering Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  6. The Systems Engineering Manager leads the proper application of the system engineering process through the rail system expert team and in enforcing the application of the right processes by the ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  7. Workshop Equipment Lead Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  8. The Workshop Lead Engineer will be reporting directly to the Group G3 Senior Engineer. He will be responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the depot equipment. Responsibilities ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  9. Senior Systems Interface Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  10. The Senior Systems Interface Engineer will work and implement an effective Interface Management strategy for the project. They will also provide Project Management with continuous advice and ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  11. Senior Viaduct Engineer - Line Overground - Middle East (Extranjero)

  12. Based on-site in Northeast Cairo, the Senior Viaduct Engineer will be responsible for the supervision of the Civil Works involved in the construction of approximately 7 km elevated metro. This ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  13. Workshop Equipment Senior Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  14. The Workshop Equipment Senior Engineer will be responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the depot equipment. Responsibilities will also include but not limited to mechanical, ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  15. Surveyor - Middle East (Extranjero)

  16. The Surveyors will be responsible for reviewing and overseeing both field and office surveys and mapping products that meet or exceed schedule, budget, quality, and client expectations. We are in ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  17. Senior Systems Rolling Stock Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  18. - Review and ongoing analysis of data and reports received on rolling stock performance - Evaluate performance of the maintainer/ operator addressing issues and appraise solutions and where ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  19. Technical Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  20. The Technical Manager will be the Team Leader for the design review experts of the Technical Management Team and will ensure that all parties are issued with, and are working from the latest approved ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]

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  21. Systems Resident Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  22. - Performs difficult and very complex field engineering assignments involving the development, execution, supervision, and coordination of all technical aspects of a construction project - ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  23. Senior Track Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  24. - Responsible for reviewing and approving the design-build contractors track-work engineering designs to support the obligation to maintain and improve the safety and ride quality of the ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  25. Senior TBM Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  26. - Hands-on Slurry type TBM Experience - 15 years of overall experience Required Education : - Bachelors Degree Holder Required Experience : - 5 years of Railway Tunnel ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  27. Rams Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  28. Rams Engineer will be responsible for reviewing the MSI performance and availability deliverables, RAM requirements and integration with Safety solutions. - Reliability Availability ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  29. Rail Systems Senior Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  30. Rail Systems Senior Engineer will be responsible for reviewing the detail design documentation produced by the Signalling/ Centralized Control Contractor and will be leading the Rail Systems ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  31. Senior Projects Estimator - Middle East (Extranjero)

  32. - Leading and developing a team of project cost estimators performing cost estimating. - Providing training and guidance to the project cost estimating team in the preparation of change ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  33. Senior Segment Factory Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  34. The role is working for the consultant on behalf of the client. The Senior Segment Factory Manager will monitor all processes regarding the production of the rebar cages and the tunnel lining ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  35. Rail System Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  36. The Rail System Manager role consists in leading the proper application of the system engineering process through to the rail system expert team and in enforcing the application of the right ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  37. Senior Signalling Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  38. - Provide technical expertise relating to Signal design and installation - Signal designs including control table designs and scheme plans - Provide best practice engineering advice and ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  39. Project Director - Middle East (Extranjero)

  40. The METRO Project Director will be the person responsible for the effective execution of the consulting services in each sub-phase, having appropriate professional experience and qualifications ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  41. Contract Administrator - Middle East (Brasil)

  42. - Coordinating on all matters concerning contract administration, claims, disputes, contract interpretation and cost analysis - Developing, implementing and managing systems and procedures ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  43. BIM Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  44. The key responsibilities for the BIM Manager role are to support our delivery team and execute the day to day BIM Implementation on our prestigious Mega Rail Project. The BIM Manager will be ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  45. Senior Power Systems Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  46. - Responsible in managing the installation of Power Supply System consisting of Passage Post of 390kv/33kv, TPS Traction Power Station, LPS Light Power Substation and 3rd Rail, ensuring that all ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  47. Commercial and Contract Manager - Middle East (Extranjero)

  48. The Commercial and Contract Manager will provide oversight on all contractual and commercial matters relating to the design, construction and supply contracts, managing the procurement and budget ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  49. Rolling Stock Senior Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  50. The rolling Stock Senior Engineer will have an advisory and acceptance role on technical matters and shall conduct design reviews, ensuring their compliance with the specifications. He/she will ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  51. Rolling Stock Lead Engineer - Middle East (Extranjero)

  52. The Rolling Stock Lead Engineer will join a team responsible for the technical integrity of the rolling stock by providing technical guidance on rolling stock design, development and safety. ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  53. Depot Design Expert - Middle East (Extranjero)

  54. The DEPOT DESIGN EXPERT will be in charge of the functionality of the depot. His main assignment will be to ensure that the depot functionality buildings and equipment described in the contract is ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  55. Senior Quantity Surveyor - Middle East (Extranjero)

  56. He/She will be responsible for the measurement of the completed site works and will be assisted by the Senior Engineers of each project section. In addition to this, he/she will check the invoices of ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  57. Civil Inspector - Middle East (Extranjero)

  58. The Civil Inspectors will provide general inspections on constructions labor and subcontractor work to assure contractual compliance, an the daily site inspection for the ongoing activities will ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]
  59. Underground Mining Operations Manager, Spanish speaking Central America - Central America (Extranjero)

  60. Our client with their operations based in Central America is in n urgent need for a Spanish speaking Mining Operations Manager in a permanent role to head up the mining department which includes ... [Ver detalles] [Díselo a un amigo]

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